Flawless, commission-free online ordering experience for your customers.

Get your branded mobile app and manage all online orders and deliveries from the same place.

Branded native mobile apps for your clients

From adding products to favorites, saving credit cards, and tracking deliveries, the native mobile apps for Android and iOS offer your clients a fast and seamless online ordering experience.

SMS and push notifications

Engage your customers through SMS and push notifications delivered to their smartphones.

Google Analytics & Facebook Pixel integration

Track events with GA4 and Facebook pixel and get insights into how your app is being used.

Custom website integration

You’ll get a custom website if you don’t already have one, and your clients can use the same account to order from the website or the native mobile app.

In-store ordering

Self-service kiosk ordering

The intuitive Kiosk ordering application allows your walk-in customers to place their orders on a touch-friendly interface while minimizing the waiting lines and freeing up your employees.

QR code table ordering system

Optimize in-store operations by allowing customers to scan a QR code, place orders, pay, and ask for assistance, all from the comfort of their table.

Convert the printed menu into a digital format

Save on printing costs and transform the traditional menu into a digital format via the QR menu. Customers have access to the latest dishes through real-time updates.

Manage deliveries

Seamless delivery solution

Customize minimum order amounts and delivery charges across different zones. Take complete control of the delivery process by quickly adjusting rates and delivery areas.

Mobile driver app for Android phones

Through the mobile app, the delivery team can instantly be notified when new orders are ready, and, guided by the proprietary algorithm, they’ll receive the fastest delivery route.

Dispatch panel

See all the orders ready for delivery and assign them with drag and drop to a delivery person; he will be automatically notified in his mobile driver app.

Hundreds of successful restaurants already use TapTasty

Centralized dashboard for orders and delivery management

Manage everything from online or in-store orders, deliveries, clients, and marketing campaigns from the same place. TapTasty integrates with your existing POS to streamline operations.

Dedicated marketing tools

Create marketing and loyalty campaigns, get feedback, increase the pool of loyal customers, and ensure your business is on the right track.


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