Personalized mobile app available on AppStore and Google Play

The native mobile application is the ideal way for your customers to order and make a reservation wherever they are and keep them up to date with the promotions and offers available.


Orders and deliveries


Unique design, according to your brand

Your customers will easily recognize the application thanks to the design created and adapted to represent your business's brand faithfully.

In-website payments

Website card payments are the most straightforward and most secure. After placing an order and adding a card, it can be saved for future payments.


Favorite orders

For convenience, placed orders can be saved as favorites, so the next time, they can be easily accessed from the list.

Deals and offers


Promotional mobile messages

Through push notifications, you can send your customers directly about the latest promotions and offers available on the phone.

Fidelity points

For each order the customer places, you can reward him with loyalty points that he will be able to use later for other orders.


User Level

Depending on the number of orders placed and their value, the customer may receive certain ranks, which allow him to benefit from special offers.

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