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1. Order through app

Ordering through the app will cut down the waiting time, get you more orders and give your clients a new option. Clients will have the possibility to order before getting in your store, giving you the time to serve more customers and get in more orders.

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Order through app

The process of ordering through the app is effortless. You can easily update your menu and prices from backend. The menu is visible and manageable in order to make the ordering process a bliss.


Your clients can create their order and just send it after they are done. This feature comes with another great perk. Your app users can save their order and just hit reorder when they want to get the same thing again.

Pay through the app

2. Pay through the app

Make your work easier by reducing the time it takes to serve your clients. With this feature they can pay using the app and enjoy your products. Mobile payments are made easy, cost effective and environmentally friendly.

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After an order is paid you will get a message confirmation and you can start processing the order.

Your clients will receive a recipe on email or a text message with the recipe with the amount paid and the item bought.


3. Pickup

Your clients can choose the option to pick up their order. For those in a rush, the pick up option is as easy as pie. Order and pay through your app, then just show up and enjoy your order. By enabling the pickup feature, you can let your clients know when their order is ready.

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After an order has been placed and the pickup option is selected, you let your clients know through a notification that their order is being processed. This message contains an estimated time of when their order will be ready.

The best advantage of owning an app where you can communicate directly with your clients is that when their order is ready you can just press a button in backend and the app will notify the user that they can show up to pick up their order.


This is a great feature for clients who don't want to wait in line, or can go about their shopping while you get their order ready.

Book a table

4. Book a table

Fill more seats by using an app. Customers can easily book a table at one of their favorite places through the app. This is a great feature for hungry eaters who don't like to wait. Your customers can pay in advance when booking a table. They save more time and you avoid no show ups.

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Why is our “book a table” a great feature?

  • Reduces the anxiety of calling in and booking a table
  • No more background noise while calling
  • Avoid the line being busy when calling

A great feature this option has is the possibility to pay before arriving. With this you have the guarantee that the table booked will not be left unseated.


5. Meet you halfway

Step up your game, go the extra mile to provide the best services and get your business out there. You can choose to meet your clients halfway with their order. You can easily set up from the administrator panel the meeting points. Rather than wait for a delivery at home, clients often prefer to rendezvous for their purchase at a designated pickup spot.

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Meet you halfway

If you enable this feature you can select the locations where you would be willing to meet up with your customers that order through the app.

Whether you wish to go as far as outside in the parking lot to their car, or maybe the park next to your location, this is up to you.


You can easily change, delete or add new meeting points. Having the pay through the app option, paired with this feature, you won't even have to carry receipts or change with you.


6. Delivery

Offer a higher experience to your clients. You can get the fastest route and know in real time where your drivers are. More deliveries, more satisfied clients, more money in your pocket.

Why spend time in finding the best route when you can have this a click away. Also, your customers will know in real time where their order is.

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Our delivery module is thought to reduce your work in half. This feature calculates the fastest route for your delivery module.

Your orders come in, you just select them and our system does the work for you. Your drivers will see the fastest route on their phones.

Another awesome aspect is we designed our delivery feature to be fun to use, not just functional. Therefore, your driver will appear as a small car on a map and the places he has to stop will be highlighted as small dots.

The client will also see in real time the map with the delivery car and the estimated time it will take for the delivery to arrive with the order. Knowing when your delivery will arrive, you tend to be more patient in waiting for your food.

Another bonus point you can offer your clients with this feature is that if they are in the vicinity of your driver, before it arrives with the order, they can let the driver know and meet him along the way.


1. Loyalty points

Boost your sales by valuing your customers, making them loyal to your brand. Create catchy loyalty programs for your clients through the app and keep them coming back.

Customers love punch cards, but they tend to lose them as soon as they get one for some strange reason. The app keeps track of your customers visits and rewards them. Save money by reducing paper and plastic ordering.

Buy loyalty, rewards users.

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Loyalty points

In the administration panel, if you choose to enable the Loyalty points option, you can easily create how to offer loyalty points.

  • You can choose to convert spending into points and offer the possibility to use them as a credit for future purchases.
  • Create loyalty through a "punch card", if you buy 4 coffees, the 5th one is on the house for being a loyal customers.


We created our service having in mind both the customer and owners perspective.

Push notifications

2. Push notifications

Directly connect with your clients through well and easy timed messages, straight on their phone. Keep users engaged; notify your clients about the latest promotions, events and upgrades related to your business. Communication has never been as easy. Just send any information, idea, event, any spark of creativity, directly to those you wish to receive it.

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The push notification features is one you should definitely activate. This gives you the possibility to be in direct contact with your clients.

Thinking of a new promotion, what to attract more customers for the hours that are not as popular as the rest of the time? Sending a push notification that will pop up on the users phone is the best way to get your message out there.

You can plan your messages in advance and just schedule them when to reach your audience. Another great thing is you can select the audience/ users to whom you wish your message to approaches.

Organizing ladies nights? Select all your female app users and send them out your invite. Planning on offering a discount users that celebrate their birthday on a specific day or wish them a happy birthday, send them a greeting.


3. Offers

Value your customers while growing your sales. Create valuable offers for your app users and straighten the relationship between your brand and your clients.

Everyone loves being appreciated by their favorite restaurant or coffee shop. Activating this feature you can easily create offers at any time.

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You can easily manage this feature in the administration panel. Just think of what offer would you like to create, maybe a free soda with every menu, or on the house desert for every delivery order. Pair any items on your menu to generate an offer.

The choice is up to you, the possibilities are endless and with the app they are just as easy to create.


You do not have to invest in additional flyers or paid adds to let your customers know you have a new offer for the week. Just create the offer and let your users know directly by sending a push notification.


4. Coupons

Keep customers coming back to you; create great coupon deals to be redeemed in your store through the app. Whenever you want to bring your customers back by offering them a special deal, you can easily express your ideas using the coupon feature within the app. Easy to manage, lets you express any idea you have. Our QR coupons tab allows you to easily generate QR code coupons on the fly.

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Whether you want to activate a coupon only for your app users or for each customer, you can manage all your coupon deals with just a few clicks. Define your offer, availability and let your customers know of it.

You can select them to appear when your app users open your app, or send it as a message to your users that they can use this coupon.


1. Client profile

A great restaurant needs more than just good food - offer your customers an amazing experience and they will return faster than you can imagine. Get to know them personally. Send them a note on their birthday. By offering value to your clients and their special moments you will make them love you.

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Client profile

When a client downloads the app, there are a few characteristics that they can choose to complete, such as: gender, birthday, age. Having these you can choose to use them to create a higher experience for your clients.


This would be a great way to differentiate yourself from your competition and be one step ahead. You can use the features together; create a set of loyalty points to be offered to your users on their birthday, along with a nice message sent through push notification.


2. Reports

Get detailed reports about your business and daily operations, see which products are sold more and which less, elaborate sales strategies and increase your profits.
Track your sales, orders and visits to create the best promotional tactics and marketing strategies.

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This is a great tool that helps your business keep track of important aspects that can improve your day to day operations.

You can generate reports based on different criteria, from location, area, gender, type of order (delivery, pick up, eat at location) to which products sell and which not. You can choose to see these reports monthly, daily, or as often as you wish.


3. Feedback

In business, your customer matter. The people who use your services, rely on your products. The building relationships with your brand and the most important elements in your day-to-day operations.

Get personal by receiving quick feedback from your clients. Improve your services based on their feedback and stay on top of your competition.

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Feedback is one of the most important aspects in a business. Knowing what your customers say about your service helps you better understand what you are doing right and what you can improve.

Through the app your users can very easily let you know how their experience was. Even more, you can setup a reminder, a push notification on their phone, to appear after they have received their order and ask them to rate your place.


Happy customers are the best marketing tool you can have. Keep your customers happy and they will get you even more customers by spreading the word.

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