Sales functionalities

  • Pick up - selecting this option, the client can order and is notified through the application when his order is completed.
  • Let’s meet halfway - you can set up a meeting point by using the tapTasty service for order delivery.
  • Book a table - reservations are more secure through the application. Customers order and pay before arriving at your place.
  • Delivery - through the tapTasty service you can select the take out option.
  • Account management - you can easily customize your menu. Add and edit products from the menu at any time, by using the tapTasty service.

Marketing functionalities

  • Loyalty points - you can offer your clients the possibility to earn loyalty points, which they can use in your restaurant.
  • Coupons - you create coupons and special offers through the tapTasty service, which can be used through the application.
  • Push notifications - send messages to your users directly on their mobile phone. This way you can keep them up to date with your latest offers.
  • Offers - let your users know, through the application, what your newest offers are.
  • Feedback - your users can also express their opinion on the quality of your services, offer suggestions or signal any problems encountered.

Sales report

  • Order History - with an order history you can see an updated list of your orders.
  • Trends - the tapTasty service gives you a real image of the products and sales you manage online through the service, in a certain period of time.
  • Client profile - you can know your clients and preferences, then create offers while taking into account their profile.
  • Marketing campaigns - you understand which marketing campaigns perform best for your users.

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