All the necessary features to maintain your customer’s loyalty and grow the business.

Personalized App

Available in Google Play and the AppStore, the app is designed to represent your brand image and allows customers to order wherever they are.


In-app orders

After downloading the application and creating an account, your customer can access the restaurant menu, order, and choose his favorite way to take the order: home delivery, pick up your order or meet with the supplier halfway or eat at the restaurant.

Order tracking in real time

Once an order has been placed, the customer is constantly notified via orders regarding the order's status and can also see this in the order history.


Card payment

Your customer can pay with both cash and a bank card. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover cards are accepted.

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Orders and deliveries management

The online dashboard is the central point for managing customers, menus, orders, deliveries, marketing and loyalty campaigns.

Notifications on receipts of orders

The system beeps when a customer places an order. After processing it, the operator can change its status with a single click.


Order picking methods

For convenience, you can provide customers with five order pick-up options: home delivery, pick up the order from the location, "halfway" delivery, meal reservation at the location, and eating at the location.

Integration with home delivery services

If your place does not have a fleet of vehicles, the TapTasty service allows integration with home delivery services, thus offering a complete suite of services.


Admin order

If you receive an order through other channels, you can add the order from the admin easily and quickly. Thus, you can manage all orders efficiently.

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Marketing and customer loyalty

In addition to offering quality products and services, an additional way to reward and retain your customers is to provide them with discount coupons and loyalty points.


Fidelity points

The system allows you to set the number of points a customer receives when placing an order through the mobile application. The customers can use these points later for other commands.

Promotional Campaigns

TapTasty gives you the flexibility to create marketing campaigns: choose the discount, the products to which it applies, the duration, and the customers to be notified. Notifications are pushed directly on your mobile phone or can be emailed.

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Statistics and financial reports

The reports and statistics provided by TapTasty show you which campaigns are working, which are the loyal customers, and the popular products, so you can make informed and effective decisions.


The ‘Trends’ section

These reports show you the evolution over time of the number of new customers, orders, receipts, and demographic information.

Sales report

This section includes payment and sales reports broken down by restaurant location, order type, and processing date.


Product statistics

If you want to see which products are selling best, the product sales report shows the list of their quantity and value in the selected time frame.

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Personal website integration

The TapTasty service integrates perfectly with your website. As a result, customers can order through this module and the customized mobile application. The orders received are being managed from the same place. If you don't have a website, no problem! We take care of it.

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QR Menu

The QR code menu is a digital version of a menu that customers can view by scanning a code from their smartphone.


Personalized design

The QR menu design fully represents your business's brand interactively and attractively.


The QR menu has many advantages, such as: updating the menu in real-time, increasing sales, accelerating table turnover, and additional information.

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TapTasty offers various integrations that can be implemented in the workflow, such as POS systems, CRMs, payment processors, and more.

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The backend provides an easy way to add a product. You have complete control over the navigation and organization of your products.



Add as many products as you want in the most attractive way. In addition, you can add several options to each product.


The products can be highlighted and organized according to different selected criteria. You can offer discounts and loyalty points and recommend complementary products to increase sales.

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