The dashboard for managing customers, orders, and deliveries

The menu with products, customers, orders received, and their delivery is easily managed from the online dashboard.


Database with all your customers

The application stores helpful information about your customers, such as personal data, the number of orders, their value, and their degree of loyalty.

Edit product catalog

The "Catalog" section is the one that allows you to organize products into categories, set their price and availability, as well as create custom pages within the mobile application.


Manage orders

The "Orders" section is the central point where both orders placed through the mobile application and those on the site are received.

Sound notification


The application beeps when an order is placed. At the same time, the customer can be notified about his order via email or push notifications.

Order status updates


The operator can manually change the status of an order.


Integration with home delivery services

TapTasty makes it easy to integrate with a wide range of home delivery services within a large radius if you don't have your fleet.

Direct feedback from customers

Through the mobile application, customers can write and send impressions, reviews, or appreciations related to the services and products found and analyzed in the "Feedback" section.


Application settings and customization

The application allows granular settings, from changing the interface language, adding locations, notifications to fees, tips, or delivery methods. In addition, each employee can be assigned a role. For example, the driver will only have access to the information he needs.

Admin order

If you receive an order through other channels, you can add the order from the admin easily and quickly.


Home delivery

The customer has the opportunity to add more addresses and decide which of them to deliver the order to.

Halfway delivery

This option allows the customer and the supplier to meet halfway between the premises and the customer to take the order.


Booking a table

Through the mobile application, the customer can make a reservation at the preferred date and time.

Pick up

If the customer prefers to order and pick up the order from the premises, he can opt for the "pick up order" option.


Eat at the restaurant

Through the mobile application, the customer can order the application and serve on location, benefiting from all the promotions.

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