Mamma Mia

When you think pizza, you think Mama Mia! Passion and fresh ingredients make one of the best pizzas in town. And that is not all, they also meet their clients with pasta, seafood and other delicious dishes, because diversity is key.

Delivery is a key component in their business, therefore this app will be a perfect addition to taking the delivery process to the next step. Ordering your pizza, tracking it on the map and knowing what time it will arrive at your door is the only way you will want to order from now on.

Mamma Mia

“We expect from our Don Felipe app to help us serve a higher number of clients in a shorter period of time. Nowadays there are a lot of apps and ways to promote your business, but our intention is to have a direct and personalised means of communication with our clients.”

Patric Filip

Owner Mama Mia Don Felipe

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