American Grill

American Grill Burgers just have that special something. That is what the American Grill experience is all about. It is an ultracentral, foodie approved restaurant, that has a little something for everybody. From juicy delicious sandwiches to american shakes, no taste bud is left behind.

What makes them so different from other burger joints? Well, plenty. Their burgers and potatoes are made from fresh ingredients. It might take a little longer than your usual burger, but the taste it’s definitely worth it.

Why the American Grill app? Well they want treat their clients with the same respect and attention they do with the food they offer.

American Grill

“Time. The American Grill app is a time saver for both parties. Another awesome thing, we can now reward our customers through the app. Always the best for our clients!”

Călin Pop

Co-founder American Grill

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