Benefits of owning an app

  • Interactive involvement - improves user engagement experiences, such as: purchasing, communication and any other sales. An application will increase the potential of your business, sales, traffic and profit.
  • Payments through the app - you have the certainty that you cash in simple and stress-free.
  • Marketing - you have the opportunity to better manage your business by communicating with potential customers on an ongoing basis. Create and easily communicate offers and discounts quickly and easily. Through the loyalty program you can increase the frequency of customer orders.
  • Analise & Report - You better understand your business by analyzing the orders received through the application. The platform gives you essential information to build accurate and targeted marketing strategies.
  • Higher profits - you earn more money from orders that come through application at fixed and affordable costs.
  • Build your own community - with the help of tapTasty service you will build a database of loyal users, open to the offers and promotions you send them.
  • You will be on trend - same as the big shots in the industry, and yet at affordable cost, you will benefit from a customized mobile application.
  • Stand out - you will distinguish yourself from most local companies, growing and strengthening the image of your business.
  • Personalized content - we give you full control. You will be able to do everything related to sales management, changes, adding or editing of products and marketing campaigns.

Benefits of using an app (benefits of your clients)

  • Payment by application - your client can order and pay using the mobile application.
  • Quick order - your customer can order from anywhere: from home, from the office, from his car, on his way to your premise, or even from inside the restaurant, without waiting in line.
  • Information - the client will be informed about the status of the order, in real time.
  • Reward system - the customer is rewarded through different marketing campaigns, loyalty points or coupons.
  • In contact - the users of the application are always up to date and informed, by receiving the messages and updates sent through our system.
  • Easy menu access - the client can access your menu very quickly, in an intuitive manner.
  • Favorite orders - your customers can save their favorite orders for a faster order.

Successful businesses have an app.
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